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Literacy in the Technology and Entertainment Fields

  • The Literacy in the Disciplines Interview Project

Alex Gonzalez interviews Paul Hill about the demands of literacy in the technology industry in this video. Alex is a technology expert in education at Health Sciences High and Middle College. Paul works in the technology and entertainment industry.


Next, Annaleah Enriquez, a health educator at Health Sciences High and Middle College in San Diego responded with ideas for engaging students based on the interview with Alex and Paul. Please listen to this podcast:



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  1. I enjoyed this article because it allowed me to see how literacy connects to the technology field. Students need to know how to write in a tutorial or instructional style. Since technology has become such a major part of our lives, people are starting to depend on it for everything. When our technology breaks, we freak out because we don’t know how to fix it and we cannot live without it. This is why tutorials and step by step instructions have become so valuable. Because this field of work is continuously growing, I think that we need to teach students more about this style of literacy. This is changing the way that people learn, therefore we need to change the way that we teach in schools. In the real world, students are more likely to read a tutorial or watch a YouTube video to figure out how to do something than learn from a teacher. In order to make students more self-sufficient in life, we can teach them to write tutorials and learn from tutorials so that when they are adults, they can figure things out independently. The man on the video said that the most important thing that he wanted his employees to be able to do is to be able to read about software and other things related to their field on their own time. This shows initiative because it shows that the employee cares enough to put in extra time to learn about his job. Teachers need to make sure that students have an interest in in reading so that in the future they can spend leisure time learning about their field and becoming a better employee.

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