World Read Aloud Day

World Read Aloud Day
World Read Aloud Day

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  1. In my opinion, “World Read Aloud” day is a great opportunity for students to find motivation in reading. This event also can teach children that reading has a purpose and that we can learn from it. This opens the door for students to bring their personal interests into their learning. Reading texts aloud can benefits students in many ways. It teaches them how to make sense of words around them in their everyday life. They are also going to be processing the information better than that would if it was read silently. When we read a text or writing piece aloud, we comprehend the message more clearly. Reading aloud is also great for students who need to hear things in order to learn and grasp a concept. Reading stories aloud and even acting them out brings in play to the learning and now students are even more motivated to read than before. One thing my students and I do when we have completed a read aloud and comprehended the moral of the story is to recreate the story. We sometimes change the characters and include ourselves in the story or even alter the ending which encourages creative and critical thinking skills. Lastly, read aloud activities are essential to early learning because they can lead to the exploration of narratives.

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