Literacy in the Disciplines

This page is a digital home for teachers and teacher educators to find resources about literacy in the disciplines. Resources include podcasts and video interviews. What does literacy look like in mathematics, science, art, history, and many other disciplines? Bookmark this page and subscribe to our feed to find out.

Literacy in the Disciplines

Disciplinary Literacy


The Disciplinary Literacy Interview Project

Diane Lapp and Thomas DeVere Wolsey asked several literacy experts to interview professionals in other disciplines about the use of language in their fields and professions. Each interviewer was given a framework for the interview (you may download the Suggested Questions for Interviewers here) but each was free to adapt it or ask other questions, as the discussion unfolded. We also asked teachers to respond to these interviews and provide insights that they can put to use in their classrooms. Diane and DeVere are very grateful for the assistance of Alex Gonzalez in the creation of many of these multimedia resources. Come back often as we update the resources on this page in the coming months. If you are a literacy professional or an expert in another discipline who would like to contribute, please get in touch with us at

Click the title or the image, below, to visit the video and podcast collection for each of the disciplines featured on this page.


Literacy in the Technology and Entertainment Fields

Alex Gonzalez interviews Paul Hill who works at Technicolor. Video.

Annaleah Enriquez, a health educator, responds. Podcast

Technology, Entertainment, Literacy

Alex Gonzalez interviews Paul Hill

Literacy and the Arts

Barbara Moss interviews artist Liz Jardine. Video

Art teacher Tim Benson responds. Podcast.

Literacy in Art

Barb Moss interviews Liz Jardine

Literacy Meets Music

Teacher and musician Linda Lungren interviews musician Tim Peterson. Podcast.

A disciplinary approach to reading sheet music. Video resource from AdLit.



Engineering Education, Design, STEM, Mechanical Engineering, & Literacy

Cynthia Brock, Cal Anderson, and Joe Assof discuss intersections of engineering, mathematics, and literacy. Part I video.

Cynthia Brock, Cal Anderson, and Joe Assof discuss teaching implications from Part I regarding engineering, mathematics, and literacy. Part II video.

Ian O’Byrne and Kurt Becker discuss engineering education, design, STEM, and literacy. Video.

Classroom examples: Joe Assof uses close reading to understand word problems. Middle school example video. High school example video.

Close Reading Math

Joe Assof uses close reading in a high school math class.

Students use the Language of Science

High-school student-created video: Cyberbridge

Reading a graph like a scientist. Video contributed by Josh Lawrence at the University of California, Irvine and AdLit.

Science News

Cyberbridge Ben and Garrett


More Resources


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  2. Great resource! I am am going to share it now. I have made a couple of related videos.

    A disciplinary approach to reading sheet music.

    Reading a graph like a scientist


    Joshua Lawrence

  3. […] discussion is part of the Literacy in the Disciplines interview project on Literacy Beat. […]

  4. Hey everyone, Here is a neat resource on reading a map from the US National Park Service:

  5. […] a podcast about topics from engineering, engineering education, STEM, design, and cognition to the Literacy in the Disciplines Interview Project. Click the link and listen to the podcast on Literacy […]

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