Teaching Refugees and Displaced Students

What Every Educator Should Know

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Teaching Refugees and Displaced Students

What Every Educator Should Know

Edited by Thomas DeVere Wolsey and Ibrahim Karkouti

To be published by Springer in 2023

About the book:

This textbook will serve as a guide for practitioners whose goal is to enhance refugee students’ learning experiences. With millions of children globally in refugee or seeking asylum status, this volume is a must-read for every 21st century educator.

Often, refugee students have missed a substantial amount of schooling as a result of the disruptions in their home countries and transit through refugee camps.  Others have never been to school at any time.  Refugees enter school with the same hopes and aspirations as other students, but they also confront serious challenges.

This textbook helps educators to restore hope through the following topics:

  •         empowering refugees in school
  •         liberating structures in resettlement camps
  •         increasing opportunity at university
  •         designing compassionate pedagogies
  •         leveraging technology
  •         connecting the community

Each chapter includes points to ponder as educators work to apply the principles of restoring hope for refugee students and their families. This textbook also provides practical suggestions and case studies that will help educators to put theory into practice.

Teachers and professors who are passionate about honing their skills will find this book a comprehensive resource when displaced students enter their classrooms.  This volume will also be of great interest to teacher-educators, pre-service teachers, educators serving in refugee camps and school administrators.

  • Illustrates concepts introduced throughout the book, many with case studies
  • Provides specific examples of pedagogies for displaced students and the children of displaced persons
  • Highlights how school and university leaders can support teachers to create a hopeful learning environment for displaced persons.

Read a draft chapter on transgenerational trauma affecting displaced students on Academia. ‘Fostering Hope Through Generations—Overcoming Trauma’ https://www.academia.edu/91188994/Teaching_Refugees_and_Displaced_Students_What_Every_Educator_Should_Know #TransgenerationalTrauma #intergenerationaltrauma #Epigenetics #Refugees #Displaced #Students

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